Science journalism

I’m very interested in the intersections between science, technology and society, and have had the opportunity to explore these through various writing, editing and podcasting projects. You can find my full portfolio below (including links to published articles) or download my media CV here.

Podcasting & radio

My journey into audio started in 2020, when I relaunched the Cambridge University Science Magazine BlueSci‘s podcast together with Ruby Coates; since then, I’ve hosted over 40 episodes and interviewed more than 50 guests. I am part of the editorial team behind People Doing Physics, the University of Cambridge Physics Department’s podcast, available on all platforms. I also hosted an episode of the university’s Say That Again, Slowly podcast for the 2023 Cambridge Festival. My work with these podcasts has included scriptwriting, hosting, audio editing, creative production, and digital marketing.

Since summer 2023, I am a collaborator for the Faktoria Magazina programme on Euskadi Irratia, the Basque Autonomous Community’s public broadcast radio, where I feature in a fortnightly segment discussing science, research and technology.


I was an editor for the two inaugural issues of the Cambridge Journal of Science and Policy, and copy-editor for Cambridge University Science Magazine (BlueSci) (2020-2021). During my undergraduate degree I served on the editorial team of the Edinburgh University Science Magazine (EUSci) for four years in various roles, including as Editor-in-Chief for two issues (2018-19).

Elhuyar Aldizkaria
Chemistry World
Massive Science
Cambridge University Science Magazine (BlueSci)
Edinburgh University Science Magazine (EUSci)